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One-time circus ringmaster and former tsar of Special Events for the City of New York,  CHRIS WANGRO IS ACCLAIMED AS ONE OF THE MOST IMAGINATIVE IMPRESARIOS OF PUBLIC SPACE IN AMERICA.  After 4 dizzying decades of projects and programs Chris leverages his expansive experience as working as a creative strategist for the design of better public space.


Wangro is known for a keen ability to craft bespoke programming, placemaking, and community-building strategies into public realm design — and to do so within the confines of budget and project parameters. He brings brass-tacks knowledge of infrastructure and production execution together with broad artistic vision and  A PASSION FOR BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER IN JOYFUL, DYNAMIC, AND UNEXPECTED WAYS. 


From Bali to Beijing to Brooklyn,  FROM TASMANIA TO TENNESSEE WANGRO HAS PRODUCED A MIND-BOGGLING EXPANSE OF PROJECTS  that include a multitude of prestigious events with crowds measured in the tens of thousands. He's brought to life celebrated festivals & cultural programs  - as well as presidential summits,  papal visits,  pachyderm parades and mass-scale public art festivities seen around the world. Known as a master of community building & spectacle he has been called upon by legends as diverse as The Dalai Lama & Dolly Parton,  with clients as outlandishly divergent as NASCAR, and The Vatican.


A committed producer-activist, Chris masterminded numerous benchmark events  FOR ENVIRONMENTAL, HUMANITARIAN, AND SOCIAL JUSTICE ORGANIZATIONS WORLDWIDE.  His work has won prestigious awards, captured global media attention, and has generated over a hundred million dollars for those in need.

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